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Mickael Marsali

Financial Professional in London

Mickael Marsali currently resides in London, England as a financial professional specializing in asset management. Over the years he has worked with a number of company’s in a variety of capacity’s within the finance industry, but currently serves as a senior member of the Arterial Capital Management sales team, a group he helped found in 2012.

While working within the financial field as an asset wealth adviser, he has raised north of one billion pounds. Mickael Marsali’s professional success has afforded him and his family the ability to enjoy both the simple and finer things in life.

Mickael Marsali married his wife Natacha, a Brazilian national, in 2012. Together they have two sons: the eldest is Zak, a teen who loves to watch and play, Polo, Tennis, Cricket and Rugby, and the younger is Noah, a preschooler who is already to show an interest in getting involved with sports like his older brother. Aside from spending time with his wife and sons at home, Mickael loves to travel with his family. What he enjoys most about traveling is being able to try new foods and introduce his sons to new dishes. While London provides a multitude of first-class restaurants, Mickael and his family love immersing themselves within different cultures for a more complete experience.

Mickael Marsali and his family have travelled quite extensively, and Los Angeles is amongst his favourite cities in the world.

“Being in Los Angeles is wonderful, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Natacha loves the shopping experience, the kids love the weather and pools, while I am intrigued by the amount of stars and talent which populates the small city.”

When back at home, Mickael Marsali enjoys spending time with his sons, helping them practice football, cricket, and rugby. Finding the hours to spend quality time with his family is difficult due to his hectic work schedule, but absolutely paramount for Mickael. Natacha, Zak, and Noah mean the world to him and making sure their happiness comes first is of utmost importance.

“The reason I work so hard is to give my family a better, more comfortable life. Without them, I would not have the same drive I have today, which makes me want to be the best I can be and be a role model to my sons.”

Besides being a role model to Zak and Noah, Mickael Marsali hopes to pass down his love for GT sports. He appreciates high-performance vehicles and even enjoys racing from time to time. His favorite car to date is the Porsche 911.