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With 10.1 million residents, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is Asia’s hidden gem. The city exudes a vibrant mix of great legacy and contemporary spirit. From Korean social historic points to fine feasting, vivacious nightlife, popular shopping and access to nature, Seoul has it all. Here are the top x things you should do during your vacation in Seoul.

Why not shop?
Insadon, a  neighborhood in central Seoul is the great shopping center to meet and see artisans creating their work in real life and pick up gifts for your friends and family.

How about a tour?
Not just any tour but a tour of Jongmyo Shrine.  It has been long been a korean belief that after death a person’s body remained at their burial site, but their spirit rested at their shrine. With entry only available through guided tours, the Jongmyo Shrine is the resting place of every single king in the Joseon Dynasty period.  

There is a possibility that you might be able to view the ceremonies honoring the kings if you happen to visit Seoul during the first weekend in November or May.

Take a climb
The Bukak Mountain and Seoul’s fortress wall are located north of the Blue House – where the president resides.  The fortress wall has been fully restored since it was first built, reopened after being closed for 40 years, and offer the most spectacular views in the city.

America’s favorite pastime
Experience baseball in Seoul and see one of their three home teams play. Fans are allowed to bring in their own food and beverage and enjoy the song and chants recited for each player!

Breathtaking views
Known as both the North Seoul tour and Namsan Tower, this is the highest viewing point in the city. Visitors of the tower have the option to hike, take a cable, or car to the tower base. Try to catch one of the cultural shows including martial arts and traditional dances on the weekends.

Seoul has something for everyone. Book your trip, pack your bags, and get ready to experience everything Seoul has to offer.

Safe travels!