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We’ve talked about traveling with kids, and of course we’re all familiar with the idea of a romantic getaway, but there’s one other type of vacation we’re forgetting: a vacation with friends. Traveling with friends can be loads of fun or it can be a disaster. Some groups of friends will make great travel buddies while others will not. Here are a few tips for how to have an enjoyable vacation with friends:

Establish your expectations

It’s important that before you agree to go on a vacation with a friend, you’ve established exactly what each of you wants to do on a vacation. If some people want a relaxing vacation while others are interested in visiting nightclubs, there is going to be some conflict. Being open about your expectations can allow you to plan around these differences.

Discuss money beforehand

Talking to your friends about money can be uncomfortable, but if you’re traveling together, it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t have the discussion, travel expenses could get out of hand. It’s best to be open about expenses before even booking the tickets. Then, no one will be surprised when you say no to a certain expense, and other people will feel more comfortable saying that certain things are out of their price range, too.

Make an itinerary

When you’re traveling with others, the last thing you want to do is make plans last minute. This can lead to arguments, tensions, and decisions that not everyone is happy with. The job of creating the itinerary can either be given to one person in the group or to a paid travel adviser. It is important that the itinerary shows what the activities are, when they will start, and how long they will last. Make every activity optional to that those who aren’t interested don’t have to join.

Plan the rooming thoughtfully

When you’re finding a place to stay, you’ll probably want to save some cash. But not everyone would be happy with you cramming a large number of people into a small space. Just because a vacation rental home can sleep a certain number of people does not mean that you’ll all be comfortable. Discuss housing ahead of time. Would the group prefer to save cash by sleeping in close quarters, or would they like to spend more money to have more room? It’s a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into ahead of time.

Plan to take breaks from each other

Even if you enjoy the company of your friends, being around each other for an entire vacation can feel overwhelming. When you’re planning out the itinerary, feel free to schedule time when you get to be on your own. This allows you to have some time to yourself. While it’s ideal to have travel companions who want to do the same things as you, you’re bound to have some differences, and this is the perfect time to see the sights that your friends don’t care to see. Just make sure you plan these breaks ahead of time instead of suggesting them when you’re tired of your friends and feeling annoyed.

Traveling with friends has the potential to be an incredible experience that can bring your friendship closer. Whether you’re traveling with your best friend for a group of friends, there are likely to be some challenges. But if you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to have the vacation you want, and your friends will be happy, too.