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There are over 100 days in the Summer season. How many of those days will gone quicker than you can blink because you have to work or don’t have any vacation days left? The answer is too many. Not all of us have the luxury of taking the Summer off to travel and see the world so, here a a few things you can do at night after work or on the weekends to help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Learn something new
Learning something new does not have to mean you have to have some huge, life changing experience or cost an excessive amount of money. It simply means finding a new skill or hobby and indulging in it as often as you can.

Your something new can include learning to play a new instrument, reading a new book from a genre you normally wouldn’t think to, learning to paint, or learning a new language. The possibilities are endless! Just be sure to pick something that will not cause you more joy than stress so that you can still enjoy your Summer.

Go somewhere new
There’s nothing like traveling somewhere new and embracing new cultures and experiences. The best part is you don’t always have to travel somewhere far away or exoctic. Pick somewhere local that you haven’t had the opportunity to visit before. You can visit places like:
Live performance or sporting event
Camping site

There are so many local options available to us that we never seem to take advantage of. Pick a guide book for your area and visit new places!

Stop checking your phone
Do yourself a favor a take a break from your phone, emails, and social media. Allow your mind to reset and actually enjoy all of your new experiences.

Try these tips and see what new experiences Summer will bring you!