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Most of the time when many people think of vacations, they neglect to think of places like Aberdeen, Scotland. Unbeknownst to many, Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland, has so much to offer including but not limited to sports, art, museums, and much more! This location is becoming more popular and here’s why:

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums: Among the many museums you can visit the Maritime museum is the most popular pick! offers visitors exhibitions on fishing, the offshore oil industry, and shipbuilding. The exhibitions help provide travellers and tourists with an in depth view on the history of Aberdeen’s connection to the North Sea.

Art Gallery: The Aberdeen Art Gallery is the biggest public gallery in the North of Scotland. The gallery offers tranquility along with a variety of collections and exhibitions to guests. An added bonus includes occasional free lunchtime talks and concerts.


Aberdeen Football Club is located on one of the largest football grounds in Scotland. The home stadium of the football club is positioned in Pittodrie and can seat a maximum of 22, 199 people.

Pittodrie is also sometimes used to host international football matches, but travellers must be warned, traffic surrounding the area can get really busy.

Beaches and Parks

The weather may not always be the best in Aberdeen but the beaches and Codona’s Amusement Park are places travellers must visit. Codona is filled with many indoor and outdoor activities and rides which include:

  • Roller coasters
  • Bowling
  • Aerial assault course
  • Betting area

If amusement parks aren’t your thing, consider visiting Beach Esplanade. The beach offers areas for visitors to take boats out to sea, cycle, or take a nice walk.  There is also a cinema as well as many restaurants and cafes for everyone to enjoy too.

Live Entertainment

There are three central live entertainment venues in Aberdeen. These venues include:

His Majesty’s Theatre– a breathtaking building that attracts many popular shows which range from musicals to opera and pantomime to ballet.

The Music Hall and the Lemon Tree: popular venues in Aberdeen where comedians and live music often perform.

The Nightlife

Aberdeen has an amazing nightlife, as there are a variety of pubs and clubs to choose from. Pats visitors have voted Underground and Garage as the most popular nightlife spots.
Travellers can also find many bars where live music is performed and delicious food is served. Aberdeen is popular among the student population, so travellers should be prepared nightlife to be notably busy during the weekend.