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New Orleans, often referred to as NOLA, has long been long affiliated  with it’s renowned music and variety of tasty foods. NOLA’s rich cultural roots in Creole, French, and Cajun combined with its short distance to seafood offer visitors the perfect mix to please their travelling taste buds. Should your insatiable appetite for music, culture, and food lead you to New Orleans, here are a few restaurants you should make sure you should try:

Located in the  Warehouse District, Sac-a-Lait offers an array of fresh Cajun/Creole seafood to satisfy any seafood lover’s craving. Preceded by their well-known and respected reputation, husband and wife, Chef Cody Carroll and Samantha Carroll, do not disappoint.

Past guests have boasted of the restaurant’s class and abundance of fresh seafood, fish and game.

If you’re looking for a menu that offers authentic Southern meals, Boucherie is the place for you. Boucherie has recently opened it’s doors at a new location near the Mississippi River and Tulane University to accommodate its growing customer base.  

Brennan’s Brennan’s is a legendary New Orleans restaurant. Opened in 1946, this landmark is home to authentic Creole cuisine. The menu includes gumbo, buttermilk fried frog legs, and turtle soup.

Square Root
Travellers who are seeking a more intimate dining setting should visit the Garden District and reserve a table at Square Root. Chef Phillip Lopez offers much sought after one-on-one time with guests in this 16 seating per table location.